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Write the Room Freebie!

Hey Blog Hoppers!  It's Ashley, The School Supply Addict.

Today, I thought I'd give you a short and sweet post with a freebie!  My sweet kinders have been rocking it out for four weeks now and I am really excited to introduce them to one of my FAVORITE activities next week.  I am sure that most of you have heard of "Write the Room."  I absolutely love it because my little sweets need frequent brain breaks and really thrive when they are up and actively engaged.  If you're not familiar with how Write the Room works, here's the gist...

1.  You post cards around the room with questions or tasks for students to complete.  In kindergarten, I do a lot of sight word writing, sound/letter identification, and simple tasks.  When I taught EFL, I used this all the way up to high school.  It is really easy to adapt to a wide range of ages and skills.

2.  Your kids grab a clipboard with a recording sheet and get to work.  They travel around the room filling up their recording sheet. Voila!  That's it.

It is really easy.  I thought I'd go ahead and put the pages I use together in a freebie that you can print and use easily.  Just print, write on the cards, copy recording pages, and go!

I've included tips and suggestions for how to use this.  I keep my pages and cards super simple because I use them for ELA, math, science, and more.  I didn't put any cute frames or clipart on them (except for the recording page) because I really want the focus of the content.  Sometimes simple is better.

I hope you can use this and your students LOVE it!  Have fun.

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