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Sub Plans Made Easy with FREEBIES

Just a quick, simple tip today . . .

I have a professional development day today.

Probably the worst thing about having to take a day away from class is making sub plans.


Although I simplify my day a bit when I have a sub, the plans I leave are always very detailed. I always have flashbacks to those days I subbed in classrooms where everything was very vague. Not fun.

But, as I've said a zillion times, I like things quick and easy when it involves the "management" of my work day. Sub plans are no different.

I have my sub plans saved on my computer. I use the same easy routine for subs (regardless of the content being taught each day). This way, all I have to do is change a few items on my sub plans, but the general routine and idea stays the same.

Since I keep my lessons plans digitally, it is very easy for me to take a quick glance at what I have prepped for the day and then type up plans that are easy for my sub to follow. (When I'm sick, I just email the plans to the office so they can give them to the sub. Easy peasy.)

The first page of my plans provide my sub with the basic essential information, including my behavior routine. The following pages detail the day by blocks of time.

I paperclip these plans to the front of my daily folder. The folder contains everything they will need for the day. I leave it all at the front of the room for them.

Excuse the horribly blurry picture! You can find the weekly folder labels {{here}}.

You can grab sub plans image (shown below) that I use on my sub plans by clicking {{here}}.

I also let my kiddos know that my expectations for their behavior for the day is SKY HIGH because being a sub is a ridiculously hard job - and I expect them to do their best to make sure the sub has a fantastic day.

If you are writing or typing out new plans each time, I highly recommend keeping a "sub plans" template on your computer that you can edit quickly for the day you need them. It saves SO much time and ensures you have something nearly ready to go on those days you REALLY don't feel like making sub plans - editing a few key points is much easier than reinventing the wheel each time. ***edited*** a few peeps asked me for a copy of my plans. You can grab a copy {{here}}.

Have a fabulous week peeps!


  1. I keep a digital template for sub plans too, but would love to see what activities you typically leave for subs. Any chance you could post the documents shown so that they could be read? Love your style!! Thanks. :)

  2. Love everything that you shared! I tried to download the Sub Plans image, but Google Drive mentioned the following, " Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. " I've tried downloading it for almost an hour now, but was unsuccessful. I would love a copy! If you have time, can you see what's going on. =) Thanks.

    1. Hi Melanie... that's so strange. I have no idea why it would do that, but when I tried - it was ok. Try it again, hopefully it will work for you now.

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  3. Love this my friend :) Thanks for the share!!