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Celebrate Reading! It's a Quick Giveaway!!!

Hi!   This is Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!   We are gearing up for a great celebration!

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Happenings at Primary Graffiti

Hi Hoppers!  I'm back to share a few units, happenings, freebies, and upcoming news.


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My class has begun learning basic addition and subtraction facts.  I've been working with them on playing the game UNO (a simple games of numbers and colors).  We've had a ton of fun!  I modeled this game after the classic.. with it's own Tutti Frutti Twist!


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Preparing for the 100th Day of School always sneaks up on me.  It's only a blink away from Valentine's Day.  It collides into Groundhog's Day.  And always seems to be lurking around the end of our nine weeks.  Wiping my brow!  So I created some activities that revolve around the cute book Centipede's 100 Shoes.  I just love integrating literature and math!

Check out the video of the book on my blog!  Link Here!!!

You'll find...

I have extensive pictures in my post here!  You can see detailed pictures of each idea provided!  Please take a minute and link over to view.  


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Math isn't the only thing on my mind.  Informational Writing began this week.  I'm hoping to be back on Sunday to update you with all the cute happenings with this file!  My hubby is a police officer who speaks police jargon to his buddies.  This language has helped to inspire this pack!  I picked up on a few key phrases, giving a new spin to "All About Me" writing.  Our Intelligence Bulletin: BOLO Alert has made my kinders smile! 


Oh. Man!  Speaking of writing.  My kids had a blast creating and writing about how to make crayons.  This crayon maker cost under 25 dollars at Target and still continues to be a favorite topic of discussion weeks later.  

Check out my kiddos procedural papers...


My puppet theater from Land of Nod continues to be a favorite center.  This room divider hangs in the door frame.  I hung two clothespins with hot glue!  Seriously, isn't it darling?  We just hung this bad boy back up and kids are diving into all my Swallowed Sub Tub Retelling Props.  Yay!!!


Back to Math with a FREEBIE
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 A few months ago, I posted this freebie.  We were working on composing simple shapes from smaller shapes.  In an attempt to help struggling students, I created this file to ensure students were meeting objectives that came and went while trying to tackle the current objectives.
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Now we've moved on from Solid Shapes and comparing their attributes AND still I'm working with a few students struggling with their numbers, I created this file to extended.  After learning about dimes this past week, I felt my kids were ready to identify the coins associated with each number.  For those not in the US, I still provided a page for each number resembling the first freebie (without coins).  


Did you see this post?  My kids created a little class book and the file is a free grab on my blog!  Link here!


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One of my favorite books is Cherry Blossom Friends by Corkey Hay DeSimone.  This story takes you on an adventure within the Cherry Blossom Trees of Washington DC.  Predict and Infer with this loveable text written in riddles and rhymes.  Learn about the National Mall and all the animals that thrive within the Cherry Blossom Trees.  Great for Sequencing!!!


The remarkable Kathleen Wainwright, author of Summer in the City, will be a guest on my blog today!  I'm stop number three on her book blog tour.  She has discussed her connections to this story, provided a freebie, and provided a giveaway of her newest book.  The illustrations are vivid and unique.  I made lots of magnificent personal connections with the text.  Please stop by and say hi!


Thank you for sticking out this long, jammed pack post.   

Bodacious Blending Puzzles!!

Good morning, Blog Hoppin' Buddies! 

Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here...

I am currently teaching first grade (which I love and adore, BTW!), but did you know that before I moved to First, I taught Kinder for 10 whole years?? I truly thought I would teach Kinder for a million years and they would have to sprinkle my ashes on the Kindergarten playground when I passed on (too morbid? That's how much I LOVED Kindergarten!), but then I taught a Kinder/First combo and caught the First Grade bug in the worst way! Now, they'll have to sprinkle my ashes all over the regular playground, since first grade has to share the playground with everybody else! Whatevs...

When I taught Kinder, my favorite time of the year was that magical time after Christmas when the kids came back all mature-like, and ready to start blending those letters to make words... (Anyone else with me?? Isn't it magical??)
I used to pore through old Kindergarten workbooks, looking for cvc pictures I could cut out so I could make my kids blending puzzles (we're talking "OLD SCHOOL" people-cut and paste, for heavens sake!) 
It took me a while, but I finally amassed about 40-50 cvc blending cards and it was my Kindies FAVORITE center to do! Like, they would blend cvc words forever if I let them! :)

Well, when I saw Ashley Hughe's  AMAZING CVC picture bundle on TPT...I about DIED!
I mean, honestly! Isn't this the most glorious thing you have ever seen?? When I think of all the CVC picture cutting and pasting I did way back when...well, it's just pathetic! Ashley's CVC pictures made me want to teach Kindergarten again!! Well, okay, they ALMOST made me want to teach Kinder again... but then I remembered that these would be PERFECT for my Firsties at the beginning of the year, so I quickly purchased them and got to makin'!!

Introducing... my Bodacious Blending Puzzles-CVC Edition Activity Pack! Sorry for the 80's slang reference, but Bodacious IS a word from my generation, so I just had to do it! (OMG...I just sounded like I was 80 years old...generation, HA!!) 

This pack is PERFECT for all you Kinder teachers at this point in the year, and for all of us Firsties out there, these puzzles are perfect for the beginning of the year OR for your kidlets who need a little intervention practice right now!

Here is a closer look...

If you are interested in checking this CVC blending pack out and letting your kiddos blend CVC's until the cows come home, then click on any picture above to go to my TPT store!

Thanks for letting me share, friends!!
XOXO Kerri B

President's Day!

I'm excited to get started on teaching the
President's Day and U.S. Symbols Unit

There's lots in this unit! So click [here] to view the description! IT'S ON SALE TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY!

Hip Hip Hooray--It's Our 100th Day!

We celebrated our 100th day today... what a fun-filled day!!  Technically, our 100th day occurred yesterday on the calendar, but our team made an executive decision to celebrate Valentine's and 100th Day on 2 separate days--I'm so glad we did!  There's just TOO MUCH FUN to pack it into one day.  :o)

Click HERE to find my 100th Day Fun for Everyone pack!

What's YOUR favorite part of the 100th day?