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Bodacious Blending Puzzles!!

Good morning, Blog Hoppin' Buddies! 

Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here...

I am currently teaching first grade (which I love and adore, BTW!), but did you know that before I moved to First, I taught Kinder for 10 whole years?? I truly thought I would teach Kinder for a million years and they would have to sprinkle my ashes on the Kindergarten playground when I passed on (too morbid? That's how much I LOVED Kindergarten!), but then I taught a Kinder/First combo and caught the First Grade bug in the worst way! Now, they'll have to sprinkle my ashes all over the regular playground, since first grade has to share the playground with everybody else! Whatevs...

When I taught Kinder, my favorite time of the year was that magical time after Christmas when the kids came back all mature-like, and ready to start blending those letters to make words... (Anyone else with me?? Isn't it magical??)
I used to pore through old Kindergarten workbooks, looking for cvc pictures I could cut out so I could make my kids blending puzzles (we're talking "OLD SCHOOL" people-cut and paste, for heavens sake!) 
It took me a while, but I finally amassed about 40-50 cvc blending cards and it was my Kindies FAVORITE center to do! Like, they would blend cvc words forever if I let them! :)

Well, when I saw Ashley Hughe's  AMAZING CVC picture bundle on TPT...I about DIED!
I mean, honestly! Isn't this the most glorious thing you have ever seen?? When I think of all the CVC picture cutting and pasting I did way back when...well, it's just pathetic! Ashley's CVC pictures made me want to teach Kindergarten again!! Well, okay, they ALMOST made me want to teach Kinder again... but then I remembered that these would be PERFECT for my Firsties at the beginning of the year, so I quickly purchased them and got to makin'!!

Introducing... my Bodacious Blending Puzzles-CVC Edition Activity Pack! Sorry for the 80's slang reference, but Bodacious IS a word from my generation, so I just had to do it! (OMG...I just sounded like I was 80 years old...generation, HA!!) 

This pack is PERFECT for all you Kinder teachers at this point in the year, and for all of us Firsties out there, these puzzles are perfect for the beginning of the year OR for your kidlets who need a little intervention practice right now!

Here is a closer look...

If you are interested in checking this CVC blending pack out and letting your kiddos blend CVC's until the cows come home, then click on any picture above to go to my TPT store!

Thanks for letting me share, friends!!
XOXO Kerri B


  1. These look amazing Kerri and such perfect practice for firsties and kinders! They can even do them independently-we love that!!! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. This looks great! I was eyeing her bundle too!!!

    Camp Kindergarten

  3. Even some of my lower kinders would be interested. You've done a great job.

  4. Darling CVC packs! Thanks for sharing
    Granny Goes to School