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Winter Lips Got You Down?

NOTE:  This is a sponsored post, but the opinions are my own.

Prep Your Lips For Spring!

I live in a cold and dry climate and I love to spend my off time outside.  Add that to the fact that the coldest weather of the year is here so it's time to hydrate your face, body, and lips. Luckily, EOS products are here to keep you comfortable. I have probably 5 of those little lip balms in my purse, car glove compartment and even in my ski jacket.  Life SAVER! 

Because I lack that skill of putting on your lipstick without a mirror, I usually use the natural colored balm, but I also like a little tint, so I have a few of those too. 

The Top Five Tips and Benefits Of EOS

1. Smooth lips

EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth (did you know that?), and this line can prove that your lips stay happy against the storm. The popular egg shape is easy to stash in your pocket or purse with a smoothing balm you can apply anytime.

2. Tinted and shimmer

When you want to feel fancy, EOS lip balm products will do the trick. Lovely shades match your lips and can add shimmer when you're ready to perfect your pucker.

Tinted colors accentuate your natural lip tone for a subtle flush. In addition, shimmering blends are soft and shiny for a touch of glow atop your pout.

3. Medicated varieties

Lip care isn't always about the look. If you suffer from dry lips (hand raised high) or skin problems, you can be assured this brand will look out for your well being. Medicated and SPF balms are great for day to day use and will keep you protected no matter what the season. 
4. Cutesy packaging

If you're familiar with EOS, you know the packaging is key. This brand went above and beyond with colors to please their buyers and lovely prints for a lip balm that will stand out among the crowd.

5. Tasty flavors

With EOS lip balm, you can find bundles of flavors that go together or standalone balms that taste as good as they feel. Lip balms such as Pomegranate Raspberry and Strawberry Sorbet evoke the feeling of freshness on your lips (or wips as my kindergarten students call them.)

Sweet and Vanilla Mint are great for winter freshness upon your pucker. These long-lasting balms provide healing qualities and are easy to stash in your purse or pocket.

Choose EOS For Springtime Flavor

EOS lip balm products provide flavor as well as style. These portable necessities are perfect for daily wear and can be carried around in your bag whenever you're on the go. If you want to go glam or casual, EOS is a great brand for all your beauty needs.

Here's to surviving winter and getting ready for spring!