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TPT Cyber Monday (& Tuesday) Sale!!!

Button by Ashley Hughes

It's that time of year again!  The biggest sale day of the year is upon us... Cyber Monday... and Tuesday.  The best part?  You can stay in your pajamas, sip coffee, and avoid those crazy stores.  If this is your first time experiencing this sale, then there are a few things you should know.

1.  The sale lasts 2 days (November 26-27)
2.  Most of your favorite sellers will have 20% off sales
3.  TPT is giving an additional discount if you use the code "CMT12" at checkout.
4.  You can save up to 28% off of those resources you've been stalking eyeing.

We wanted to let you know a couple days in advance so that you don't miss out or become overwhelmed by trying to stock your cart last minute.  Many of us Blog Hoppin' gals have the gameplan of stocking our carts and wishlists prior to the big event.  This lowers the risk of panic attacks when we try to go shopping during the last hour of the sale.

If you're throwing a sale, then please be sure to link up with us here on Blog Hoppin'.  Just leave the link to your TPT store below in the linky, grab the sale button above, and share with friends!

Have fun!  We hope you find some amazing resources to use with your students!

From your Blog Hoppin' Friends... and this sassy reindeer.

Last Minute Holiday Lessons and a Freebie!

Are you looking for last minute plans before the holiday break?  I have two units perfect for any Kinder or 1st grade classroom.  These files are sub friendly with standards, objectives, lessons, and activities!  

Up first,


You can link to my store and pick up your last minute discounted copies of both files!  Just in time for Thanksgiving!!  

I want to thank all my followers who have purchased the two tubs.  I prepared a compare and contrast freebie for you!  Enjoy!

Click Image to Download!

I hope to have the next in the series up later today.  It's going through editing now.  Here's a peek at the cover!! {Update: Editing Complete!  Click Image Below to LINK}

PS.  I did include Swallowed Some Books in the 20% off, just in case you have to work three days this week.

Fun with Owl Pellets!

I know it is almost Thanksgiving and turkeys are on the brain but I couldn't resist doing Owl Pellets with my first graders this year! It's the new turkey!  Our story of the week in our Reading Street unit was "Life in the Forest".   I wanted to make it entertaining when learning about the animal life around us, so I got online and bought the pellets! I did it with my daughter and her friend just to see how it might go with Kindergartners before doing it with my First Graders. They had a blast!

I purchased Deanna Jump's Owl Unit and LOVED some of her ideas. I also added a few of my own so it would go great with what we are currently learning.

I found this poem that I used when I first introduced our project. We currently use poems to work on our "Phonics Chunk" identification. I couldn't find who the author was so if anyone knows, please share:) You can download a student copy by clicking HERE. Deanna also has a cute poem in her unit.

We read "Owls" by Gail Gibbons which is a great informational book! We used the information from the book to complete a tree map using "have, can, and are" and then made these super cute owl books which is also in Deanna's unit.

The students did some center activities with "ow". They had to read sentences around the room and write the words with "ow". Then they went back to the table and made a new sentence with the words.
They also made "ow" sentence books by unscrambling sentences and adding them to the pages.
You can download these center activities by clicking the picture link below.
Then it was time for the pellets! The kit came with posters of the Owl Food Chain, and the kinds of bones found in the pellets. The students used the posters and matched the bones so they would know what it was they found. It was a blast!!!  You can purchase this kit at

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing holiday break!


Gobble Gobble Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners: Sally & Sandra!!! 

Hey everyone! Because we are so thankful for all of our sweet followers, Blog Hoppin' has put together a HUGE Gobble Gobble Giveaway! You won't want to miss out on this one. Sixteen of our contributors have pitched in to giveaway some awesome prizes. TWO winners will receive 5 graphic bundles and 17 Thanksgiving themed packs great for grades Kindergarten through 2nd/3rd grade! You can enter now through November 13th. Make sure you check out the awesome loot below and don't forget to "hop"over and visit everyone's blogs. As always, thank you for supporting Blog Hoppin' and from all of us....we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble!