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Last Minute Holiday Lessons and a Freebie!

Are you looking for last minute plans before the holiday break?  I have two units perfect for any Kinder or 1st grade classroom.  These files are sub friendly with standards, objectives, lessons, and activities!  

Up first,


You can link to my store and pick up your last minute discounted copies of both files!  Just in time for Thanksgiving!!  

I want to thank all my followers who have purchased the two tubs.  I prepared a compare and contrast freebie for you!  Enjoy!

Click Image to Download!

I hope to have the next in the series up later today.  It's going through editing now.  Here's a peek at the cover!! {Update: Editing Complete!  Click Image Below to LINK}

PS.  I did include Swallowed Some Books in the 20% off, just in case you have to work three days this week.

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  1. What great ideas...Thanks! I'm going book shopping today. I've got a lot of ideas thanks to great bloggers like you!