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Happy November!

Hi Everyone,  I am Kacey and even though I have been a member of the Blog Hoppin community for a few months now.. I am just now taking a few minutes to post for the first time.

My blog is Doodle Bugs Teaching.. please hop over and check it out.


I am a first grade teacher in a little bitty small town in Mississippi. I am a southern girl at heart and just love my job! I teach in a small private school and have 14 little turkeys this year.

As much as I love Halloween.. I was SO SO SO SO ready to put away the jack-o-lanters, bats, spiders and spooky cats and move on to something else.

So, Thursday morning we started our new month with a big {but easy, easy} project!

It was “my month” to decorate the big gigantic hall bulletin board that is in our elementary hallway.


I drew a few big feathers on big paper {bulletin board paper} and had students cut them out.


I also drew a big body, head, and eyes and had them cut those out too. Luckily, I had just enough pieces that everyone had something to cut out.


Everyone also got a white piece of paper full of polka dots and cut those out too. They partnered up and glued their dots to the feathers.


And while they were in art class.. I put it on the big board.


They were pretty excited to see it hanging up. it is really big so there were a lot of wows! And, big smiles too! It was a quick project that we did in about 30 minutes. It was one of the easiest bulletin boards I have ever done!



Have a great November.. and happy Thanksgiving!

xoxo, kacey

Doodle Bugs Teaching


  1. Your boards are always so cute!


  2. So cute! I was also very ready to put away all the Halloween type things.

    I Love My Classroom

  3. Love the bulletin board idea......going to try that :)