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Butterflies Galore!

Okay, here is round 2 of my science addiction!  Stay tuned for round 3 coming soon!!  HINT: It has to do with eggs!
My first graders really loved our fun with butterflies!  It finally got warm enough to let them go this past week.  My daughter hated seeing them go!
But we still had fun!!
Last year, I got the caterpillars from a local garden.  I ordered them this year and did the whole cup thing.  It worked a little better this year!
The students used a black and white version of this booklet to complete their worksheets and craftivities.
 Last year, the Botanical Gardens in Tucson gave us real samples of exotic butterfly wings and chrysalis'.  We used them to compare and contrast.  They really liked this.

 We passed the caterpillars around and documented our observations.

 Sequencing has been our focus this week and we combined that with art to make these life cycle books.


 My first graders loved watching the caterpillars change.  
They even watched them wiggle into a chrysalis.
I found some flowers to keep in the habitat.  They also would drink from the orange slices we gave them.  We had to wait 2 extra weeks before we let them go so they wouldn't freeze.
My daughter helped release them in our yard.  They loved the flowers blooming on our almond trees!
If you would like to do this with your students, you can grab my Butterfly Unit with all these activities and directions on getting you started.  Click the picture link below to see more.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends!

Spring Activities from Primary Graffiti

Hi it's Cheryl from Primary Graffiti.  I'm back today to share a file spring themed activities!  Up first, Core Centers! Link in first graphic!

Are you a little curious about my core themed centers?  I created a freebie sample themed for March Madness!  Link in first graphic!

I finished up my current Swallowed Tub.  This one aligns with There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick.  Eek!  This one is my favorite and so late.  I discounted it several dollars for a short time!  Link in first graphic!

Have you seen Rachelle's cute new Rabbit Research Unit?  Ahhhh!  So cute!  I'd prepared bunny books for the kids when we return from break and planned on creating something to record our research.  In a timely fashion, Rachelle from What a Teacher Wants created and posted a much needed file.  I scooped it up immediately.  Check it out by click the graphic below!

After speaking with Rachelle, I uploaded a vocabulary book to align with her unit.  I'm eager to come back and share the results of our learning!!!  To see more previews of Rachelle's unit, link here.

That's All Folks!  I'd be honored if you stopped by Primary Graffiti to say Hi!

Spring Has Sprung!

I admit that I am totally into science!  I love engaging students in fun activities and experiments.  Not only does it make it fun for the students, they begin to express their thought more in their writing. 
Since it is 80 degrees here in Arizona, we started planting our peas plants.  We used Erica Bohrer's Seed to Plant Unit for some of our observations and activities.

I ventured into the local Home Depot for some potting soil, containers, and seeds.  I thought peas looked entertaining.

These small pots come in a pack of about 30 and it was only $2

They begin to sprout!
 Now there are a few more sprouting and the students can begin to measure!

This observation booklet from Erica was great for the students to use to document the changing plants.

The students were getting excited over how many paperclips they were using to measure!

 We sequenced our plant experience with this writing booklet I created last year.  Click the link below to download.

Enjoy your week!!