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Primary Graffiti Randomness!

For all you hoppers on Spring Break, I AM JEALOUS!!!!  I'm sitting in Florida with spring fever!!!  Luckily the Mr. and I have enjoyed a bit of fun today at the Farmer's Market, lunch at the river, and cutting back winter's toll on our foliage.  

Warning, this post will be random but hopefully a little entertaining!  In my school, grade levels meet on various Wednesdays with administration for half day PD.  We usually dive into Common Core Math Data, Blooms, CAST, MTSS, Marzano, or FAIR.  Head spinning? Mine usually does.  LOL!  This week it was Kindergarten's turn to meet.  My principal shared a 13 minute video on Bloom's According to Andy Griffith.  I just LOVED the Andy Griffith Show and was captivated!  

The extend on our PD meetings, a teacher pal and I have begun writing MTSS post on Mondays.  You can read Jessica's post here and mine here.  This week we will be sharing how we collect data!

My kiddos have been plugging away at MTSS Centers over the past several weeks.  The first image is linked to my St. Patrick's Day centers which are on sale 1/2 off for the weekend.  The following images provides a glimpse at students completing the activities.

This week we tackled Easter Centers.  I've linked the first image to my store and the second provides another example of kids at work!

IF you are new to my blog and store, you might like a sample of the activities I provide for MTSS centers.  Just click the image to download the freebie!

If you are still looking for St. Patrick's Day activities for Monday, I put my Swallowed a Clover Tub on sale 1/2 this weekend!

Do you have a shopping passion?  I love peasant or gypsy skirts.  My darling friends call me a hippie!  Check out my newest skirt from Hazel and Olive Boutique.  Seriously, I'm obsessed! 

The sun is going down and I'm in need of a mowing so the bottom of the skirt looks long.  The image below is from their online catalog.  You can link to the skirt by clicking the image below.  =), I found out my school wide theme for next year will be Rainforest. I began a pinterest board with various ideas.  Pictures, posts, supplies, units, books, etc.  If you are interested, you can check out my board here

If you have an activity or link that you might like to share then PLEASE add your link to my linky!  I'd love to check it out!!!

I hope you have a blissful weekend!

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