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Spring Has Sprung!

I admit that I am totally into science!  I love engaging students in fun activities and experiments.  Not only does it make it fun for the students, they begin to express their thought more in their writing. 
Since it is 80 degrees here in Arizona, we started planting our peas plants.  We used Erica Bohrer's Seed to Plant Unit for some of our observations and activities.

I ventured into the local Home Depot for some potting soil, containers, and seeds.  I thought peas looked entertaining.

These small pots come in a pack of about 30 and it was only $2

They begin to sprout!
 Now there are a few more sprouting and the students can begin to measure!

This observation booklet from Erica was great for the students to use to document the changing plants.

The students were getting excited over how many paperclips they were using to measure!

 We sequenced our plant experience with this writing booklet I created last year.  Click the link below to download.

Enjoy your week!!


  1. AWESOME!! How long did it take to sprout/grow an inch or so??

  2. It took ours about a week to begin sprouting, then they REALLY took off the next week.