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Sight Words On-The-Go

I had so much fun creating this new activity. I made a cute way to carry sight words on-the-go. The girls will get a Sight Words in a Purse. The boys will have fun with their Sight Words in a Car.  Simply choose your words of the week  and have your students assemble the purse or car in a center.  There are two cover options. The cover includes two lines where you can add the Dolch List # and expected date of mastery. After it is assembled, students may carry their sight words wherever they go. Great to use as review and practice on sub days, rainy days, in a center, at home, in the car, ... well you get the idea :) 

This is how the completed project will look.

First, the student will color and assemble the purse.

Now, it is ready to use wherever they may be go.

Students can keep track of their progress by highlighting the words that they are able to read.

This is the template for boys. It is included in the same download as the purse template.

This is the Spanish version.  It includes a second cover page in English that says, "My Spanish Words." It can be used by English speakers who are learning Spanish :)

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  1. Those are so cute! There can never be too many incentives to learn sight words.

  2. Those are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG so cute, and girlie! Thanks for sharing!