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Sort it! Graph it! FREEBIE!

Good Morning, Blog Hoppers! Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here...

We started school this past Tuesday, and BOY, this girl is tirrrrred! Teaching first grade is hard work! Anyone else with me??

I'm here to share a little FREEBIE with you that I created last weekend for my firsties to use in math centers, since our first Math unit this year is Graphing. Sort it! Graph it! Graphing Bags FREEBIE!! I used to use these graphing bags with my Kinder babies when I taught Kindergarten forever ago. and had forgotten about them until just recently. These are PERFECT for first graders too!

Here's how they work...

Copy the sorting and graphing mats on different colored card stock and laminate. Place these mats in gallon sized Ziploc bags and fill each one with different objects that can be sorted and graphed (pattern blocks, cubes, erasers, etc.) Students can sort and graph the objects with a partner and then ask each other questions about their graphs! 

Couldn't be any easier, right??

First I copied and laminated 6 different sets of sorting and graphing mats onto colorful card stock and laminated them. I used 6 different colors of card stock so each student would have a different color, but you don't have to do this. You can also use construction paper, if your copier will copy it. 

Place the laminated mats into gallon sized Ziploc bags and fill each one with different objects that can be sorted.

Some good things to sort are:
pattern blocks
unifix cubes
colored tiles
pom poms
counting bears

Place these bags in a math center and have your kids sort and graph the objects with a partner. After they have made their graphs, they can ask each other questions about their data, such as:
How many of each object are there?
Which was the greatest?
Which was the least?
Are there more ____ or _____?
How many more _____ than ______?

Obviously, you will need to model these questions for them in the beginning, to get their little brains thinking mathematically! :)

Well, there you go. An easy peasy math center idea that requires very little prep and objects you probably already have in your classroom! Click the picture below to download this from my TPT shop, and don't forget to follow me while you're there, so you can get emails about my future freebies and products!!

XOXO Kerri B


  1. Awesome little math center idea! Thanks so much for sharing, Kerri!!!

  2. Just downloaded, and wondered if it would be possible for you to include with the freebie some question-prompt cards for the students to use with their partner. I plan on typing these up on my own and just putting them on an O-ring inside the ziploc bag with the objects & mats, but thought I might ask you what you think about adding that to the resource:)

  3. I! Love! These! I am going to add it as an early finisher option. THANK YOU!