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The Reading and Writing Chief

Hi there blog hoppers! This is Mel, from From the Pond.

Today I would like to share with you, a very easy-to-prep classroom idea called 

'The Reading and Writing Chief'. 

It will help you motivate your little readers and writers!

Essentially, they try very very hard to get the hat. And let me tell you, they all want the hat!

You just need a couple of inexpensive plastic fire chief hats. These ones cost me $1 each. You can quickly turn them into the 'writing' and 'reading' chiefs, by printing them template at the end of this post.

Tell your students each morning that you will be looking for 2 people to be the chiefs for the day. They get to wear the hat (OR put it on their desk), get their name on the poster (laminate this and use a dry erase marker each day)....

and take a little certificate home. 

Tell your students what it takes to be the chief for today - it could be for trying hard, doing neat work, starting with a capital letter, holding their pencil correctly, reading with expression - whatever suits your class and your planned lessons. 

I have found it works best if the chief gets to wear the hat for a short time period only - usually an hour or so. I also have found that this is most effective when used for a term (about 10 weeks) and then introduce a new system for motivating and rewarding. The Writing Wizard is another one I use through the year.

I would love you to have these printables for the Reading and Writing Chief for FREE!

Download the templates from Google Drive HERE

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Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

- Mel x

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  1. If you don't want to spend money on hats, Firehouse Subs will usually donate a set of their fireman hats to your classroom if you ask!

  2. I love this adorable idea! Thanks for sharing!! I use lanyards with cute little sayings on them to reward these skills, but the hats may spice things up a bit!
    Keep Calm and Love First Grade