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I Know My Address!

Hello there! Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) here!

Have you ever read the book Me on the Map? I read it to my students every year, and it always becomes a class favorite. I use this book to introduce maps and I also use it to encourage my students to memorize their addresses and phone numbers. Learning personal information is so important for little kids, and I'm always surprised at how many kids don't know their addresses or phone numbers. In my classroom, I  send the following worksheet home with my students as homework. I also attach a note to it asking parents to help their child memorize their address and phone number. Click {here}, or on the picture below, to download this freebie! 

Then, when all students have their addresses memorized, we look them up on Google Earth as a class, on the overhead projector. My students LOVE Google Earth and they love seeing where their friends live! It is the perfect reward for learning their addresses! It is also fun to look up the school, grocery store, movie theater, your house, the park, etc.! :)

On my blog, I have these fun "My House All Year" books that I like to make with my students. It focuses more on months of the year, but it also focuses on my students' houses. These books always turn out so cute and they become fun keepsakes. Click {here} to check it out and download the free printable that goes along with it!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my blog!

The Teacher Wife

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