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Student-Led Conferences

Hey there, blog hoppers! This is Megan from Kindergals. This year I have a new administrator. I just LOVE her. She has decided to implement student-led conferences on all grade levels.. At first, I was very apprehensive! Now, my kids and I are SO excited.

Here is an excellent example of a primary grade student-led conference:

I have found that it has really made my kids excited about their learning. One of my sweeties said to me today, "Mrs. Merrell, I am going to put EVERYTHING I am good at in my conference folder."

I created a few things to make conference planning easier.

First, I sent these two notes home. The first note explains the idea of at student-led conference to the parents.

Then, we got to work actually planning what the students would share during their conference.

I created a binder to house all of there work.
Then, I created a divider for each child.
Next, behind each child's name, I put 4 different sheet protectors. In each sheet protector, the child will have their learning target and their work sample for that target. This is what they will actually share with their parents.
Right now, I have only made target pages for math, reading, language arts, and writing. We plan on adding science and social studies in the spring!
I can't wait to see how these go. I will be sure to let you know! Be sure to let us know if you have ever had student-led conferences before. I'll take any advice and pointers I can get!!


  1. Fabulous post....I love the idea now of student led conferences. Are you selling any of these documents in your TPT shop? perhaps a sweet freebie? Thanks!

  2. The school where my kids are in have always had student-led conferences for all grades - even Preschool 1! These are held 4 times a year and parents always look forward to these conferences! The kids are also excited to share their work with their parents.

  3. Is there any way I could purchase/get those learning target signs?! I LOVE them!

  4. I love this idea! I can't wait to hear about how it goes!

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