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Keeping All My Days Organized with Google Calendar

Howdy! I'm Lynda from Curls and a Smile

I can't believe that I have already been in school for three weeks! The temperatures are starting to cool and the smell of Pumpkin Spice Latte is filling my house. It's almost fall and we are getting into a wonderful routine as the kids and I get to know each other better. 

I am sure that you are like me. Your calendar went from clear to FULL as soon as school began. Now that the fall semester is in full swing, I had to come up with a plan to keep everything in order and with that came my shopping for a calendar that would work for me. 

My Google Calendar is a must because my school calendar is shared through Google and it has a very awesome feature! It will send me an email everyday of the events that are happening. I set it for 5 AM and when I get up....tada! I have an instant list of all the events for the day!  

How to Set Up Notifications on Google Calendar

Go to your Google Calendar,

Click on settings (the little thing that looks like a gear in the top left corner)

It will take you to this screen. Click on the calendars link.

You're next step will be to click on the "notification and reminders" link. 

Then you want to make sure that you chose to have your daily agenda emailed to you. Click the box next to the daily agenda. They are emailed at 5 AM every morning. 

Go! Give it a shot and see what you think! I love using Google Calendar for so many reasons, but this feature is a real life saver! Happy planning! 


  1. This sounds great. I don't use google calendar at all, so I'd have to explore that first.

  2. Thank you!!! I've been wanting to make my life a bit easier and this helps a lot!!! xoxoxo
    Growing Firsties