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Planning a Classroom Halloween Party

Hello, friends! It's Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants.  October will be here.... TOMORROW! How crazy is it that it's already fall, the students are becoming more independent, and Halloween is right around the corner. Did someone say HALLOWEEN?

Oh yeah, Halloween! I always have a room mom who plans my party and gets volunteers, but I like to save her some time and give her a few tips.

I have 4 rotations-
I always have 4 rotations of fun Halloween themed activities with about 6 students at each station and at least one parent there to facilitate (so you really only need 4-5 parent volunteers).  I have them at each rotation for about 12 minutes.
1. Book
2. Craft
3. Snack
4. Game

1. Book

We love reading this book because it's so interactive! You can bring in all of the items to make the scarecrow (dang...I just ruined the whole book for you) and the students can help make the noises!

2. Craft
I mean, we have done everything from bat handprints to paper-plate scarecrows!  I have tons of ideas in my Halloween Unit, too!  There's also some fabulous ideas {here}.
This has to be the cutest Halloween Craft though:

3. Snack
Since I've been on my weight loss/get healthy journey, I have had my eyes opened to just how crappy I was feeding the kids in my class.  Every holiday has a treat, every party a donut, every reward a sucker! NO MORE!  I found some great and yummy Halloween treats online. 
Here are my favorites (click the pictures to go straight to the websites):

4. Game:
Last year we played a witch ring toss!  The parent brought in a witch hat and we tossed rings onto the hat. It was simple, but so fun!  We've also played "Don't Munch the Mummy" from my Halloween Unit.  There's also an "October Battleship" that is a good number game.  
One of the most simple but fun games we played was "Spitting Spider Race".  All you need is some butcher paper, straws, and plastic spiders.  The students start at one end of the table and have to blow their spider to the end of the other side. It's hilarious!

I always have something for my students to do if their rotation finished early.  A word search keeps them busy and it's meaningful word work. Click the word search to download for free!

Feel free to use this planning sheet when working with your room mom (or maybe you are doing it on your own). Click the planning sheet to download!


  1. Rachelle, I love all of these ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. What a great way to celebrate Halloween! I live in Australia so our kids know very little about the history. I'm looking forward to having a Halloween party using your FANTASTIC ideas, and teaching my little ones a little bit about the history of it all.
    Thanks SO much for sharing Rachelle :)

    Oh the Little Wonders

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