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We Love a Good Challenge!

At the beginning of the year I quickly realized that my students love a good challenge.  They are very competitive and normally operate better when they can see the finish line.  So, we are all about challenges this year!  Here are our favorite two so far...

The Reading Challenge Chain from The Teacher Wife.  My students are working on this at home and bring the chains in once they are completed.
 The 1,000 Challenge!  My students started writing their numbers to 1,000 a couple of weeks ago.  A few finished within two days, and some will take months to get it done.  I'm not a stickler about when they finish, just as long as they try!  I have this 1,000 challenge in my Number Knowledge unit.  I now have students working towards 2,000 so it's a challenge that can keep on going :)
 Once my students finish their 1,000 challenge, we take a picture, email it to parents, and hang our number strips outside in the hallway.  We call it our Thousands Club :)
How do you keep your kiddos motivated?  I'd love some new challenges for the upcoming months!


  1. I too would love to hear about other teachers' challenges because this is always a good motivator! The challenge I am working on now is using the Whole Brain Teaching scoreboard with my middle school students. I am not sure it is working very well...I need a way to amp it up a bit. It's a thinker!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  2. We graph our reading stamina! We then have a stamina party-the students voted on what would make the healthiest and the most rewarding party :-) We are now at 35 minutes of reading stamina.

  3. I LOVE your challenges. What a great idea!