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Do you Symbaloo???

Hello, Blog Hoppers!! It's Anna here from Crazy for First Grade
One of my goals this year is to work smarter not harder! Today I'm sharing one of my FAVORITE web resources with y'all that has helped me do just that in my classroom- Symbaloo

 Symbaloo is a free bookmarking tool that allows you to organize your favorite websites on ANY computer. No more saving important links to every desktop in your classroom. Best's really simple and saves a ton of time!  #teacherheaven

Here's a Symbaloo page that I made to use for my laptop listening station. It's a collection of 60 e-books. Feel free to grab it here or click on the graphicMany of the e-books are from YouTube, but I filtered them through SafeShare to remove all the unwanted and sometimes inappropriate ads{Thanks for the tip, Deedee!}. My kiddos just love being able to easily listen to a variety of stories in one place....and their teacher is pretty in love with it, too! 
This is just one of the many ways you can utilize Symbaloo....I also love to use it to share websites with parents, as well as bookmarking online resources for my lessons plans.

 Need more ideas or suggestions for integrating this awesome tool into your classroom?! Check out this Pinterest board FULL of information and resources here

I'm always looking for new Symbaloo pages, so be sure to share the links to any pages you've discovered or created in the comment section

Happy Symbalooing! 


  1. What a fantastic idea!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I am definitely going to check this out!!!
    Teaching with Smiles

  2. Hello! I love using Symbaloo. I made one for math and one for reading that I added to my classroom website. This helps parents and students find access to all kinds of resources. You can check out the ones I created here:

    Thanks for sharing yours! Can't wait to use it in my classroom!