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Free Nonfiction Passage about Turkeys!

Happy Thursday everyone!

My sweet, little boy just turned 5 weeks yesterday which means I am still home happily enjoying my maternity leave. Here is a little Theo pic to make you smile:
My poor boy has been sick with a cold so the hubs and I have been spending most of our hours cuddling him. While Parker has him, I have been writing up a quick freebie for y'all!

With Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away, I know my first graders will be learning all about the holiday. I also know that soon my first graders will be diving deep into non-fiction, so I thought I would create a quick, non-fiction passage on turkeys. I created this in the same way that I create all my close read passages (both fiction and non-fiction). It comes with a short passage, a vocabulary sheet, and 3 comprehension questions that require you to go back in the text to find or infer the answer.

You can download the passage by clicking the image below:

If you are interested in how I implement these more in my 1st grade classroom, check out the post below that I wrote last year about close reading :) - there's another freebie in that post!



  1. what a cutie! Hope he feels better soon! :)


  2. Oh my goodness!! I was just trying to find resources to research turkeys. This will be a big help!!

  3. Thanks for the great freebie. It's refreshing to read a post that isn't only a commercial for a product being sold. That's all most teacher blogs are these days!