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MOVEMBER... Havin' Fun and Doin' Good!

Hey! It's Holly here, from Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections.  I'm posting today on behalf of all the "Mo Sistas" here on Blog Hoppin' who love our guys... and want to promote the importance of men's health!

I love that motto! 
And this month, I found some ‘stache fun with a definite purpose!

Introducing MOVEMBER!

What is Movember, you ask?!

The Movember campaign is a movement which was created to promote men's health.  It’s no secret that in this busy day and age that finding time to get regular check-ups and take care of yourself is difficult, and perhaps just plain intimidating… especially if you are a man.

Thus the creation of MOVEMBER!
Movember is about bringing back the moustache (Mo), having fun, creating conversations and awareness, and raising funds for men's health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

Check out this little video to be inspired "MO STYLE"...

Here is how it works…
Men are encouraged to “Shave the Date” on November 1st and start with a clean face.  Then, for the rest of November, they are encouraged to grow moustaches!   When other people inquire about them growing a “MO”… men use the opportunity to share about their participation in MOVEMBER and also encourage other men to go and get a health check up!

Sound fun?  You can become an official 
“MO BRO” or “MO SISTA” MOVEMBER supporter  by visiting or by clicking on the image below.

What a great cause!   My family is sharing their support of MOVEMBER by showing their ‘Stache Support!

Don’t you just LOVE these MOVEMEBERish Mustache Mania themed materials?!

Of course, they are from CreativeTeaching Press!  {I’m sure ya’ll already know how obsessed I am with all of CTPs stylish teacher resources!!!  LOVE. THEIR. STUFF.}   And in typical CTP fashion, they are 100% “in” to helping me promote this awesome cause!  

So… I’m doing a RAFFLECOPTER giveaway of a 
Creative Teaching Press MOVEMBER Mustache Mania product bundle! 

You could win a bundle of some of these epic goodies!

“mustache” you to spread the word about MOVEMBER
and sign up to win this awesome prize bundle too!

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