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Fun With the King of Ing

Hello Friends,
My students have begun the process of looking for patterns in words. We are finding and spelling CVC words, listening to and recording beginning/ending sounds, AND recently, we looked for and sorted ING words. I love talking about the King of ING because despite the fact that my kinders are not really reading, they can find the ING in words and this is a step in their journey to reading.

We did this cute King of ING activity last week. It's amazing to me how well creating something like this cements an idea in a kid's head. It's fun to walk around the room during Read to Self and hear one of my kinders say "Hey, I see a King of ING word!"

We did the word sort together in our guided reading group. The next day, they made their King and then the next day, they sorted the words once again in Word Work and glued the ING words to the front of the king.

For those of you with students with more skill than my kinders OR who need an activity that is differentiated, students can use their words in a sentence and add them to the inside of the folded king's body.

I have this activity as a freebie in my store which you can find by clicking the image below.

My fellow blog hopper, Susan Jones (Thank God, It's First Grade), has a King of ING freebie in her store, too! You can find her resource by clicking HERE.

Until next time! This is Cindy from Love Those Kinders.


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