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2015 Handprint Calendar

Done!!!! I have been working hard on updating my handprint calendar for you so that it can be as CUTE AS EVER!!!!! I think it is! :) Hope you do too!!!

Hey, it's Katie from Little Warriors and I have been making these calendars as Christmas gifts for parents for many years now...but they've never been this cute!! I'm so, so excited to get them all made and put together this year! Parents just go CRAZY over these!!!! Wouldn't you??? They turn out soooo adorable!!! PLUS, it's something that parents can actually USE all year and then tuck it away and treasure it forever!!!

Really, you will have parents in tears over these!!!

I'm not gonna lie...this is quite the project! It definitely takes some time!!! Just get a few volunteers in your class and have them knock out a couple months for you here and there. You'll get it done! :) And oooooohh, it's soooo worth it!! Check out all this cuteness!!!

**there are THREE different options for April (a butterfly, an umbrella and a bunny)**

This packet includes DETAILED instructions and pictures on how to do each handprint.  There is a cute little poem that goes with each handprint for the month AND a calendar page each month. (It also includes blackline options for the calendars to help you save on ink...have the kiddos color them instead :) These are detailed calendar pages that include all of the holidays on them. AND, YES!!! This packet IS updated every year!! I think this is my 4th update!! So, you will be able to use it over and over again for years to come!!!

This pack also comes with a cute little poem for the front cover and one for the back cover!! There is even a spot on the front cover for you to put their picture. I take a picture of them wearing a Santa hat with their hands up by their face because the poem is about their hands :) NOW, I  used to use a real Santa hat....but, that probably wasn't very smart. We've ALL had problems with tiny bugs in our Kinder classes every now and then, right?? YUCK! Well, this pack even comes with a template for the kids to make their own Santa hats to wear :)

You can check out the calendars HERE! AND, guess what?!? They are at a discounted price right now!!! So, quick!! Go grab one now!! :)

HaPpY HoLiDaYs!!!!

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