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Welcome Kiddo! an open house freebie!

Hey Y'all! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher and I'm sharing a little file that is o-l-d!
But I love it and it's worth sharing!
I love having a little scavenger hunt for the families at open house, but I've come to notice that families don't much do them anymore because we always have Open House after school has started and they want to know things like...

"when's the spelling homework going to start?"
"when does cursive writing start?"

you know...all those super important things!

So I made a scavenger hunt for our Meet and Greet a few years ago [okay five years ago!]
this one is more to get to know the classroom whereas my original one had students showing mom and dad data and stuff!

click to download this freebie!

so the deal is there is a letter attached to each of the items to locate [I included letters to print, but I use bulletin board letters]
when all the items have been found-the letters spell out a secret message
Who doesn't love a secret spy message!
I know this idea is from somewhere pre-pinterest and if it's yours...Bravo! and I'm happy to credit you!

Why is this better than my Open House one you ask?
because this one is quick and simple!
because it doesn't have to be completed in order!
because this one helps them locate important places they'll need on the first day!
because rather than showing mom and dad where the pet tarantula is or where homework is turned in, they are discovering the room together for the first time!

Of course, it could be used at Open House (that's what we call our first PTO meeting after school's been in a month or so), Meet and Greet, first day of school with the kiddos, or anytime!

I hope you have a nice long time before you head back to school! I have one more month!
I hope you can use this little activity!
Happy Monday!

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  1. I love the idea of the kids finding a hidden message! Fun!