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Creative Clips Freebie! Tips and Tricks!

Hey friends! It’s Krista Wallden from The Creative Chalkboard, or you might know me as the doodler behind Creative Clips Clipart! The remarkable group of ladies at Blog Hoppin’ invited me to be a part of this amazing blog and I am so. very. excited!

So here we go...

If there is one thing that I have learned being a teacher- nothing feels better than buying something for your classroom and finding 15 different ways to use it!

You know what I'm taking about- it’s a rush, a thrill, pure giddiness that only another teacher would probably understand (because you have tried to explain your excitement about a $1.00 plastic, chevron tub to your family and they look at you like you’re crazy). 

Do you know what feels even BETTER than that warm fuzzy feeling I just described? Getting something for FREE and finding tons of ways to use it in your classroom!!

So....I present to you.....

I’m coming at you with two of my favorite clipart FREEBIES and some fun tips and tricks for making the most out of these images in your products and resources! I can’t promise the same thrill you get from Dollar Store finds (let's be honest, that can't be replicated), but I CAN promise this won’t cost you a cent!

Here are my two favorite freebies {Click the images to grab them for your very own!}
Now for the Tips and Tricks for making the most of these FREE images :)

Tip #1: Create a Banner!

My Banner Elements freebie has all the elements you need to create a fun and whimsical header, banner, etc. These are also great designs for those plastic drawer labels we teachers LOVE. Binder covers anyone? Yes please! Don’t be afraid to combine and layer elements to create something all your own!

Tip #2: Create a Bookmark!

If you ever are creating something and you feel stuck on a design- rotate an image or element. I do this all the time and sometimes it looks horrible....(not what you were expecting me to say, huh?) but other times it looks awesome and I create something so unexpected! Same goes for these Banner Elements. If you spin the image vertically it makes a great bookmark background. If you like the sample bookmark shown, I have a bonus freebie of printable bookmarks (I created them for Pre-K through 6th grade).

Snatch ‘um up {HERE}

Tip #3: Create a Background!

I love my digital papers, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I just need something different than what I already have on my computer- and that means making my own background with other images! These banner design stripes can create great backgrounds in your projects if you stack them up and layer them with a white text box or label.

Tip #4: Create in Layers!

Sometimes all you need to do to create a “new” look is to layer images in new ways. There isn’t really a reason why I NEED a square behind the apples, but it is something different. Not going to lie- a lot of people use the same clipart images- but if you arrange and layer them in unique ways, your resources will look different and you will create a style of your own :)

I realize none of these tips are anything completely groundbreaking, but hopefully seeing a different angle on how to combine images has gotten your creative juices flowing! Maybe you even felt something like the Dollar Store warm and fuzzies?

If you want to check out more exclusive Tips & Tricks and Clipart Mash-Ups (how to combine my freebie sets of clipart in new ways)- check out my Summer VIP Membership! I started this membership this year and it’s got all the Creative Clips Clipart-ness you can imagine!

Until next time friends! Get Creative!

Krista :)


  1. Love, love these ideas, Krista! You are amazing!!!!!


  2. Once again your creativity has sparked me :) BTW I got the CUTEST chevron box at the dollar store yesterday and, no one in my family understood why I was so excited. Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one :)

  3. I love the thrills I get from dollar store finds... but lately I have also gotten that same thrill from clip art and fonts too! Thanks for some more amazing tips and tricks.. they have certainly been my favorite part of the Summer VIP! :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these! I was just searching my clip art for cute kid faces yesterday. You are so talented!!!!
    Camp Kindergarten

  5. So excited to redo my binder covers/spines and print out those adorable bookmarks! Yes, that's right, these things excite me! Ha.

    Fashionable in First

  6. All of your tips and clip art rock! I love reading your ideas on how to tweak what I am already doing. THANKS!!!

  7. You are amazing:):) Thank you so much for doing what you do!! I get giddy every time you post a new clipart set:)

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  9. Your job is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  10. I totally get it! I got that rush yesterday when I found I had everything I needed to create my own rewards coupons to match my classroom. I was so excited! So thank you for the freebies and for the tips empowering others to create! You're awesome!

  11. Great tips, thanks so much!

  12. Great detailed tips and what can I say? I LOVE the bookmarks. They are SO going to be on my students desks in August. =)

  13. YOU are amazng sweet friend! Way to go!

    Curls and a Smile

  14. Great tips and tricks! Thanks for sharing. I did get the same goosebumps that I get when I find things from the Dollar Tree! :-)

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  16. Thank you for the cute freebies, Krista! I am a Summer VIP member and I have loved all of the tips that you have shared all summer long. Thank you for the tips and the encouragement!
    i Heart Second

  17. These tips and tricks are awesome!! Thank you so much for helping me to see things in a different way!! I love all of your creations and all of the tips you have shared through the Clip Art Clubs. Thank you so much for everything!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  18. Ditto Carrie Jones! I think the Tips & Tricks are the best part of the Summer VIP (but I do love the clip art as well.)

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