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Lovin’ to Write!

Hi Blog Hoppers! It’s Kathleen from Growing Kinders! One of my very favorite times of our day is writer’s workshop.  The room is quiet, children are spread out throughout the room, the lights are off, and soft music is playing.  The children are ENGAGED.  Did it start this way on the very first day of school? HECK no.  I ran around the room like a chicken with my head cut off!  The first few weeks of writer’s workshop is CRAZY, but with patience, we got there.IMG_0788


But, we don’t only practice writing during writer’s workshop time.  Of course we are practicing during Daily News, literacy centers, when we are science notebooking and other times throughout the day.  We are also still lucky enough to be able to provide our Kindergarten students with 30-45 minutes of free choice play time.  Absolutely free choice.  This is a time when they can be KIDS.  They play with blocks, legos, read books, create beautiful art projects, and so on.  But there are still many kids that just LOVE learning, and even though they LOVE to play, they sometimes want to just write.  So I provide them the tools.  I have a separate table set up in my room with lots of markers, crayons, pencils, different paper choices, dictionaries, and so on.  The children WAIT IN LINE to work here!



Along with the writing tools, I also provide a little “help.”  If they get stuck for what to write about at the writing center, they can just look up!

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If you are looking for some monthly journals, I have those as well! Click the image below to find them!

We {Love} to Write! Journals from Month to Month


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