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Free Binder Covers for Color Coding... or Whatever.

Hey Blog Hoppin' friends!  It's Ashley from The School Supply Addict.

It's almost that time of year!  For those of you who have already gone back to school, I'm sorry.  I still have about a month left of summer, but I have already been thinking about next school year.  Actually, that started when we got out in June.  Teacher problems.

Next week, my goal is to go through all of my crap resources to declutter and get myself organized again before August 20th!  I keep as much as I can in labeled binders with sheet protectors (Costco is super cheap for these).  This year, I've decided to take it to the extreme and color code everything.... my planning, storage, materials, and binders.   I'm sure some of you do that already, but I have only done it with my planner and in my pre-K class (a long time ago).  Here are my colors for those of you interested:

Red: Literacy
Yellow: Writing
Green: Science
Blue: Math
Orange: Social Studies
Purple: Leadership
Pink: My Admin. Stuff
Turquoise: Random Stuff

So, basically my planner shows all literacy stuff in red, my centers will have red labels/boxes, and now my binders will all be changed to have a red cover & spine.  I know.  I'm type-A.

I will post a photo of my room when it's all set up again.  Our floors are being sealed this summer, so EVERYTHING had to be boxed up and stored.  Yuck.

To make this process a little less painful... and cute... I made some fun binder covers and spines!  These are completely free if you would love to have them yourself.  You don't have to go to extremes with color coding, so feel free to use them for whatever you want.  :)

You will need to have PowerPoint to edit this file.  I've also included easy directions if you've never done it before.  Enjoy!

I hope you can use them and I hope you have a fantastic back-to-school season!  I've already spent WAY too much money at Target getting ready.


  1. These are fantastic! Thank you!

    The Land of I Can

  2. I love these! Thank you for your always generous freebies and for fantastic products!

    Mrs O Knows

  3. Anonymous17 July, 2014

    Love these! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh my goodness, these are AWESOME!! Thank you so very much for sharing such a great freebie! One of my goals for this year is to be more organized...after nine years in the classroom you'd think I had a better handle on this organization thing!! ;-) This freebie will really help me meet my goal!! Thanks again, love your graphics!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  5. Amazing! I love fancy binder covers.
    Kovescence of the Mind

  6. I just organized my files into binders and now it looks like I will be updating my binder covers! Thank you!! :)

    Fashionable in First

  7. I ♥ them (& I ♥ color-coding!)!!
    Thank you! Jen

  8. I am in love! Thank you sooooo much! It's amazing how something like a binder cover can make me so happy! :)

  9. This past year I just finished organizing my files into binders by subject and these binder covers are just the thing to make them PERFECT! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful product!

  11. These are wonderful! Thanks!

    Down the Learning Road

  12. I love these. Thank you so much for sharing and helping this teacher become more organized!

  13. Thank you for this beautiful set! I'm trying to organize all of the wonderful materials I've ordered from TPT this year. This is just what I need to finish the job!