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A Scavenger Hunt Linky!

Happy Sunday Funday, friends!  We have a lot going on at Blog Hoppin' right now, so I'm here to tell you ALL about it!  First of all, have you noticed our makeover???!!  We got a HUGE facelift and we love it!  
PJ Designs was so wonderful to work with!  We HIGHLY recommend him if you are looking to update your blog design, or start a new one yourself!  AND, did you know that he is the husband to our very own Blog Hopper... Susan Jones!  Such a talented duo those two are!  We will have all of our tabs updated soon so be on the look out!

Also, put Christmas in July on your calendar!  It starts in just a couple of days!  Several of our blog hoppers will be throwing themed sales throughout the 12 days, and you might even find yourself some freebies along the way!  More info on that will be coming soon!!!
Phew!  I'm not done just yet!!!  We have a PARTY for you... a Linky Party that is!  We want YOU (if you are a blogger) to link up with some of YOUR favorite scavenger hunt pictures that you've posted on instagram!  We have SO enjoyed looking through the pictures that you've shared!!

Here are some that we just had to share with you!

1.  2 adults wearing a snuggie   2.  Someone with a flower in their hair...

 3.  A pink flamingo    4.  Someone kissing an Elvis impersonator on the cheek...

 5.  A picture with Paul Edelman and Deanna Jump    6.  A police officer in uniform eating a donut...

 7.  Someone sniffing a basket of Scentos markers    8.  A picture with a Blog Hopper (Thanks RGS)...

 9.  A man wearing a wig (Love this one!!)  10.  A pair of giant, oversized glasses...

 11.  Someone wearing suspenders    12.  A Human Pyramid (Love how they are getting other people involved!)

And that's just 12 of the thousands of pictures that we've looked through!  There are so many great ones out there!  Don't forget to...
1.  Use your hashtags (#bloghoppin2014 and your instagram name)
2.  Tally your points along the way
3.  Use the words Blog Hoppin 2014 somewhere in your picture!
But most importantly....

If you haven't started the scavenger hunt, it's definitely not too late!  We aren't even halfway through yet, so join in on the fun!!!  The Blog Hoppers have been busy gathering some AMAZING prizes, so you definitely won't want to miss out!  If you are thinking, "I have no idea what they are talking about??!!"  Start HERE!

For those of you that have been posting those pictures, it's time for you to link up with us!  We'd love to see a blog post that includes the favorite pictures that you've taken and posted to instagram throughout the scavenger hunt!  Also, don't forget to add this image to your blog post and link back to Blog Hoppin'!


  1. Yayyy!!!! You guys used two of my picture- my daughter sniffing some Scentos and me posing with the wonderful Rachelle! I'm loving this scavenger hunt and I loved meeting many of you in Las Vegas!

  2. I'm loving the scavenger hunt and can't wait to share so many of my fun pictures through my blog!! I have started condensing the pictures on IG, so I'm not going crazy on everyone's feeds! Thank you for such a fun thing to do this summer!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  3. I just posted my 105th picture!! This has been so much fun for my kids and myself...we have really enjoyed finding these things together. I am sure my husband will be thrilled that his picture made it on this blog post...haha! How do we let someone know when we have reached 105? Thanks! #iteach2ndintx

  4. Thanks for featuring my Elvis picture in your post!! :) He was so funny and really happy to help. I've just reached 105, too. Hoping to take lots more pictures before the school year gets underway!! XD

  5. Ahhhhh! Thanks for using my picture! I've been having so much fun!!!

    Teachery Tidbits