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Say hello to our little friends! Plus a New Literacy Product!

I am so excited to be on a 3 day break after such a busy 1st week back after our Winter Break!  My students will be getting a big surprise when they return Tuesday!  Say hello to our little friends that arrived today!  We will be spending next week and more learning about the Lifecycle of Butterflies.  This is my next upcoming Teaching Unit that will include journals, Math games, Very Hungry Caterpillar game and more!  I'll post all this in the next week or so!

Thanks to Tucson's Botanical Gardens, we get to experience all this in our classroom! Not only did they provide the caterpillars, they also gave us samples of butterflies and the Chrysalises they form. We will be taking a field trip to the gardens in March to experience their exotic butterfly garden.  My daughter and I went last year and had a blast!  The butterflies even landed on my fingers and head!

My daughter enjoyed helping me get the caterpillars into their new home. 

Botanical Gardens with my family 2010

Last, but not least, check out the new addition to my Literacy Center Series!
Phonics Fun with ER, IR, UR.  There are activities in color and Black/White!
Click the picture link below.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday break!


  1. Looks like a great unit!


  2. You did a great job!

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