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Abe Lincoln's Hat

Hey Everyone,

It's Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans here to quickly share how we create our Valentine boxes in my room each year. I know many schools do not allow any form of party or celebration unless it includes academics/standards-based if that is is a little trick. Valentine's Day is not the only holiday celebrated in the month of February. We also celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday on February 12 and President's Day on February 20th. So...why not have a triple threat and combine the three?!?

Fun fact for the day: Abraham Lincoln kept many of his letters and important documents in his tall black hat. Every year, my students make these adorable Abraham Lincoln hats to hold all of our Valentine cards {our version of letters and documents}. After reading Abe Lincoln's Hat, we write facts about him on heart shaped cut-outs. Then the students attach their facts to their hats. On the day of our Valentine's Day celebration, the students place all of their cards into their hat just like Abe! 100% Learning & 100% Fun...all at the same time! Here is a look at how our hats are created!

This fun activity is one of many in my new unit that incorporates Valentine's Day into lots of friendly letter writing fun! You can check out my unit over at Second Grade Shenanigans! :)