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HAPPY Friday the 13th!

I'M SOoo0OOOooo000 EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first post at Blog Hoppin' and I'm ecstatic!!!!!

Thirteen has always been my lucky number + how fitting to receive my invitation to contribute  here on the thirteenth!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!! HUGE THANKS to Deanna Jump!

I'm Debbie Clement, nationally award-winning "music lady" and I've written over 100 original songs onto nine albums!!! And what?!?!?!?! You've never heard of me?!?!?!?! I'm working hard to change all that! LOL I keep a happy, colorful blog of my travels and inspiration over at "RainbowsWithinReach" and I would LUV to have you hop over there for a bigger introduction to my work. If you hop directly to this post right here you're entitled to a FREEEEEEE Mp3 of one of my favorite original ditties: "Monster Spray." A fitting introduction indeed!

I'm now turning my songs into children's picture books. I'm author + illustrator of three books and my newest just won a national award!!!! It's entitled, "Red, White and Blue" and would be the PERFECT support for your studies surrounding President's Day.

I ALWAYS have a promo code to receive 10% off the price at my website. Anytime you enter the word 'great' (grass roots are terrific!) as a promo-code you receive 10% off. My husband's golfing right now, I'll ask him to make a special blog-hopping discount when he gets back. I'd like to offer you 15% off, as a special thanks. Be patient. May take us till tonight!

My background as a former elementary Art teacher and a Resource teacher to young children with special needs keeps me always searching for visual arts ideas. My blog is full of visual candy, ideas, inspiration, tutorials and encouragement. This post from my school visit earlier this week has had a couple of teachers in tears..... in a good way.

******Perhaps my greatest way to support you is through my Pinterest collection. At this moment I have 2552 followers of my 10,515 pins!!!! Click right here for direct connection to my Pinterest collection!******

Thanks so much for sharing the spotlight!!! Now happy hoppin'!!!! It's Friday and a l-o-n-g weekend at that. Plenty of time to hop!!!

"Changing the world, one song at a time."

***I go where I get invited, making school visits around the country and around the world. Last week was my retro accounting of my visit to Reggio Emilia in ITALY!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much Jennifer! It's been a pretty awesome year for me........ now to get the word out!!!