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Love Those Polar Bears!

Just a short post to share our big polar bear hanging in our classroom! It is SOOOOO cool for the kids to see how tall a polar bear would be if he stood up on his hind legs - almost 10 feet tall! My co-partner, Lisa, gave me this idea! I enlarged the polar bear picture to 10 feet on our old overhead. I had to do it in two parts! The polar bear sketch is very skinny because I wanted him to fit in the laminating machine. So, the realism is a little off, but the IDEA of the height of a polar bear is brought into the classroom! I take each child's picture standing next to the polar bear - Wow! A polar bear is big!
Click here to get a copy of the polar bear sketch! It is my first attempt at a Google.doc so bear with me as I learn this new skill! :)
Love Those Kinders!


  1. This is such a fun idea for the kids! I always lay down kids up to the length an alligator can grow and that always gets them excited. So creative! Thanks :)

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  2. This is a super idea! Thank you for sharing! :)