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Lights and Shadows

Hi all! Mary here again from Sharing Kindergarten!
I know you all have all your lesson plans for the week written, prepped, and ready to go...
right! Right?
Okay... well SOME of us might need a little help this week. SOME of us may be looking for a complete lesson plan to teach about light and shadows this week.

Since I have already written, prepped, and planned out my awesome and FUN science unit this week, how about I share it with you?
Here are 5 days worth of Light and Shadow lesson plans AND
-book lists
-supplies needed
-charts already made
-activities planned
-links to great online resources ready

I have to say, this is one of my favorite units to teach, so I hope you choose to use it this week. It is so hands on and fun! And I did all the work for you!

Don't forget to download and use my Groundhog Day Mini Unit this week too! It is completely free.Here's to an early Spring!

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