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RtI resources and Data you can USE!!!

I came across a new website to me and HAVE TO SHARE!! Yes, I'm shouting.  Actually freaking out in a wonderful way.  easyCBM has made RtI instruction easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Oh. Yes. I. Did!  

My school transitions for RtI from 915-945am EVERY MORNING.  Since the entire school is moving at once, we have more success transferring kids to various classrooms that will meet their immediate needs.  Sounds easy right?  With more than 200 students on my grade level alone... easy it is not!  

I currently have tier two word reading, tier three comprehension, and tier three math.  Wowzers!  easyCBM is a one stop shop.  I've linked their screeenshots pages so that you can see all the wonderful tools this website provides..AND for FREE!  

In Florida, teachers are required to give FAIR (Florida Assessment in Reading) to all students.  This website has K-8: letter naming sounds, phoneme segmenting, word reading list, passage reading fluency, multiple choice reading comprehension, math number and operations, math geometry, math measurement, etc.  Various grade levels provide different support options and you have access to ALL.  Students can take the assessments online or on paper.  I used several assessments for a baseline this morning and input the scores this afternoon and received magnificent graphs.  Just what MRT would love to see!  

You HAVE to check this website out today!!  I signed up and had immediate access to files.  YEAH!!! By the way..PURE excited here..I'm not getting paid for this.  So stop reading my post and  go check it out.

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