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Sing a Song, Do a Dance!

Hey y'all!  It's Julie from Mrs. Lee's Kinderkids.  If you're like me, you love using singing and dancing in your classroom everyday!  I mean...we sing all. the. time.  I wanted to share with you a few of our class favorites.  I've mentioned before that I'm usually the last one on the bandwagon so you probably already know about these and have been using them for years, but...these are some recent ones I discovered this year.  :)

The first one is from Have Fun Teaching.  This is probably my kid's favorite right now.  I love it because it shows all the letters including upper and lowercase in isolation plus it goes through all the sounds as well.  While we sing it, we do all of our kinesthetic movements for each sound too!  

This one is fun to practice counting by 10's.  I like it because it's repetitive.  There are some fun elements to it such as whisper counting then getting louder.  That's the kind of "stuff" kids love.  By the time the song is over they have counted to 100 by 10's 6 or 7 times...but in a fun way!

Okay, the next one is from Harry Kindergarten.  Um, where has the been all my life?  (Probably right there on You Tube and I had no idea).  Seriously, the cutest little transition song!  I absolutely love it and so do my kids!  It's very short and to the point.  Great for beginning whole group lessons or any carpet time activities.  You must click on this and go look at it now!  

One more...this is another good one.  I just like the simplicity of it for this time of year.  On this one you count to 20 and then back down to 0 several times.  I love the upbeat tempo and the overall sound and most kids love it!  

Okay, so you probably already use all of those!  Or do you?  If not, you should totally try them out!  Your kiddos will love you forever!
What's your favorite videos or songs that you use in your classroom?  Please share!


  1. My class love the alphabet song with Usher on Sesame Street. We do so many songs every day I made a playlist of our favourites!

    1. Oh, I will def. have to check that out! Thanks for sharing!