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How do we get our students to be good friends?

Hey, Blog Hoppers! It's Megan, from Kindergals. I am always working on establishing healthy friendships in my classroom. I am sure if you are anything like me, we all have our years where we feel like our students will NEVER get along. Then, there are years where our students just blend and work really well together!

Last year, I had a group that really needed some positive motivation to get along. I created these "good friend" badges to help highlight students who were being good friends! At the end of the academic segment, I would highlight that student and explain to the other boys and girls what the student did to earn the award. They got to wear the badge all day! At the end of the day, I would take off the badge and put the sticker on them. This made sure their parents knew that we were supporting positive friendships in our classroom.

Here are the labels: Good Friend Label


Here are the badges: Good Friend Badges

I hope this helps you establish good friendships in your classroom!

Have a great week.

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