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Fall Fun with Directed Drawing and a Construction Paper Twist!

Hello Friends,

This is Cindy (Kinderkay)  from Love Those Kinders. If you read my blog, you know that one of my joys is sharing directed drawing with my kiddos.... BUT...... directed drawing with a twist. I love the look of construction paper books and projects, so at the beginning of the year, I show my kiddos how to create shapes from paper and then for the remainder of the year, they use these skills to illustrate their thematic books AND because they are books, they fit in nicely with our literacy block.

One of our first Math lessons is 2D shapes. We search for shapes around us and then use construction paper to create the shapes that we see. I show my kiddos step by step directions for how to draw their shapes upon construction paper and then they cut and glue the shape upon their book page.

After they have practiced drawing and cutting their shapes, we use these skills to create tons of fun thematic books and projects! There are many things that I like about children drawing and cutting their own illustrations. Coloring pages are easier, but every page looks alike. When my kiddos use this type of illustrating, each picture is unique and I LOVE that! I do not give many patterns to my kiddos, so we get all sorts of sizes and shapes in their illustrations. I will often put these step by step illustration pages into my Word Work centers for something to do for my Early Finishers or as a "Have To" activity to be done sometime during the week.

One of my favorite Fall "Draw, Cut, Create" projects is the creation of a squirrel. My kiddos follow the step by step directions, create their squirrel, and then I put them together into a class book for them to read in our classroom library.

 Look at these cutie patootie illustrations! AND, they were all created by my kinders - all by themselves!

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Another seasonal "Draw, Cut, Create" activity that I like for my kiddos to do is the creation of a Halloween character. Sometimes I put them into a class book and other years, they create their own book. 

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Until next time!

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