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Number Fun!

Well hello there Blog Hoppers!  I'm Amy from Step into 2nd Grade, and I'm here to talk about comparing numbers and number lines!  

Today we started comparing numbers with our favorite Number Bean Bags!
 I tossed some of the bean bags out to my students... they came up to the front of the class and made a comparing numbers sentence.  So fun!

 After that we had some fun with a Kim Sutton activity.  Partners rolled the dice to make 2 numbers, then used the symbols to compare their numbers!  They really loved this activity, and most definitely made it into a game of who rolled the most BIG numbers!
Speaking of Kim Sutton, this is one of my favorite things from her.  This Random Numbers CD has some pretty funky background music while the CD calls out numbers.  My kids jam to it all the time!  We use it a lot for numbers before, numbers after, etc.  My kiddos write down the number they hear, then write the numbers that come before and after.  You can also use it for locating numbers on a hundreds chart/number line, writing number words, sorting even/odd, comparing numbers, and more!  The possibilities are endless!  I've had the CD for probably 8 years (I recently had to purchase a new copy because my other one went missing!).
And, because I just NEED to leave you with a few freebies, let's talk about number lines!  Number order, comparing numbers, and number lines go hand in hand in my opinion.  We kind of lump all of those concepts together and just have a little NUMBER FUN!  The other day on my blog I shared a couple of number line ideas.  You can find those HERE.  Well, after that post I thought of a few more things to add to it... and where better to do that than in Blog Hoppin'?!

I also included 2 open number line activities... I haven't taught those yet, but will be using these printables in a couple of weeks!  Hopefully I'll think of some hands-on activities before then.  Either way, I'll definitely be posting more about place value, number lines, and more on my blog in the next few weeks!
You can grab those freebies in my TpT shop HERE!  I sure do hope you have a fantastic weekend (It's a 3-day one fore me, so I know I'll be soaking in lots of R&R!)

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