A Few Haunting Ideas

Hi Blog Hoppers! This is Mel, from From the Pond. I am always so excited to blog here (still pinching myself to check it's true) and hope that you are enjoying Blog Hoppin' as much as I am lately! I am always keen to read each and every new post. 

We just headed back-to-school here in Australia, for our final quarter of school. It is both exciting and nerve wracking to know that we are almost at the end of another school year! I can see Christmas rapidly approaching - but before that, let's have some fun with Halloween. 

I have a few "Haunted House" ideas to share with you today. The theme of Haunted House is perfect for writing and also creative art activities. The students can brainstorm lots of descriptive language and create wonderful visual imagery around this theme. It is so much more spookily-intersting than trying to describe an everyday topic!

Tell your students that there is a Haunted House for sale and that they have to try to describe it to someone that is going to buy it. What can they see, hear and feel - when they think of the haunted house. Show them a picture of one, or draw one for them. 

When talking about the 'sounds' in and around the house, you may even extend your lesson and talk about the 'sounds' in the words "haunted' and "house" - the sounds made by the 'au' and 'ou' letter combinations. Ask your students to think of other words that contain these sounds. 

Younger students could brainstorm 'h' words. 

Ask students to draw their own haunted house, and add spooky details, like spider webs, ghosts, bats and maybe a dead tree and the moon. On a separate page, they can write a description of their house. 

If you have little ones, Deedee Wills has a perfect descriptive writing prompt in here October Writing Stations packet. Students need to label the house to describe it. 

I made these "Who is in the Haunted House" number worksheets for you also. Your students can put number sequences together, in counting order, to make pictures in each window of the house. 

Download the directed drawing page by clicking on the image below:

And the number order pages on this image:

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post today, have a great day!

- Mel x

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  1. I LOVE the directed drawing! and the number one too! Great ideas Mel!!