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The Last Day of School!

I know lots of you are already out of school, but up here in Mass. we still have 5 days left (and lotssss of schools are still in the double digits - eeeek!)

Remember all that snow we had this year?! Yah... we are paying for it now!

My last day with my kids is Friday and I just thought I would share what we do each year!

Family breakfast:
When my students walk into our classroom they see something this:
We all sit, round table style and eat breakfast and enjoy each other's company. It is a fun way to spend our morning together. We laugh, we reminisce, and we share our upcoming summer adventures.

 As my kids finish up their breakfast, we also draw pictures and write little goodbye notes to each other on our "tablecloth."

After breakfast, we go to the playground for a little and play some games!

Then my students eat lunch and when they come back it's time for a little cleaning and some student awards (we always use Reagan's candy awards - FREE HERE)

Last, but not least, I give my students a little gift and a book and a BIG ole hug and send them on their way!
(You can snag the free tags from my old blog post, HERE)

It is always a bittersweet feeling to see my little family move on to 2nd grade without me, but this year I will have this little guy waiting to spend all summer with his momma... so I think this year there might be a little more sweet than bitter when I walk out the school door!
Happy weekend :)

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