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SitSpots - An AMAZING Classroom Management Tool!

In a few short weeks a whole lot of teachers are going to be taking over Vegas!

Are you going?

While we are there we are going to have a GINORMOUS meet up! Some beyond fabulous companies are sponsoring the event with lots of gifts and prizes! We are super excited.

One of our amazing sponsors is SitSpots.

The owner and creator of SitSpots is a teacher. She understands what we deal with in our classrooms each and every day! Her invention is PURE GENIUS.

SitSpots are a perfect alternative to those bulky, extremely expensive and easily dirtied rugs, foam mats and taped "sitting squares". 

In my room I've tried all kinds of things as a rug alternative. For quite a while I used those foam puzzle squares.
They get SO dirty and the kids picked at the foam. Disgusting.

I went on to try duct tape, but it left horrible sticky residue on the carpet.

Then I found SitSpots and heard angels singing. 
Seriously! SitSpots are the best addition to my classroom in a very long time!

There are so many colors to choose from so I was able to find just the right blue, purple and green to go with my room. When you need 30 spots of little peep bottoms, these spots do the trick! "Let's go to the spots!" I say. And off they go into neat little rows. 

My teammates have themed rooms like I do. Frankly there isn't a whole lot out there for dragonflies, but ladybug paraphernalia is abundant.
Cute, right? Well this room was screaming for some floor help!
We took some red SitSpots and added some black detail to make little ladybugs for her little ones to sit upon. So fun!

Not to be outdone, my friend in the room across the way needed a rug solution as well.
 What's more fitting for a QUEEN BEE than a floor buzzing with bees?
Her selection of yellow SitSpots was the perfect backdrop for the black accents that turned those circles into adorable bees.

There is just so much you can do with SitSpots. They aren't just a classroom rug alternative!
They are perfect for sight word walks, sight word bingo - floor size!, even a game of bean bag toss can be turned into a word or math practice activity using SitSpots!

My dear friend Kristin over at A Teeny Tiny Teacher not only uses SitSpots that match her decor as her classroom rug, she also uses a couple of the star shaped spots as the "performers spots" during her Readers Theater activities. Simply adorable.

Using SitSpots to help with lining up is fantastic. Whether your designating the place to stop and line up or individual numbered spots so the kiddos know where their place in line is located, SitSpots is an attractive, durable solution. They can be vacuumed over, put in the washing machine and will stay in place until you want to remove them. And, when you do remove them, there is absolutely no mess left behind. 
My latest obsession are the sea turtles! How cute would these be in an ocean/beach themed classroom!? LOVE THEM!

Yep, besides the usual shapes (circles, ovals, squares, triangles, etc.) there are objects! Palm trees, fir trees, butterflies, paw prints, people prints (footprints)... the list goes on and on. Visit their site to see the selection!

Not only are there a whole lot of shape and object choices, there are plenty of color choices, too!
I could go on and on talking about SitSpots. Head on over and check them out for yourself! They truly are AMAZING! We are thrilled to have them as a sponsor for our 2015 Vegas Meet Up and can't wait to visit their booth while we are there!

SitSpots on Instagram <---- They have some FABULOUS pictures showing all kinds of things you can do with SitSpots on their Instagram feed.

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