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B and D Confusion!

This has been something that I have referred to with my kids in the past. While I was working on my "getting ready for the year" presentation, I realized the visuals that I have up in my room just aren't that cute. I just couldn’t continue the atrocity without updating the pictures and the font. It was just an eye sore…
So lucky for you, I have a free download that you can save for the beginning of the year.
Click on the pictures to get them for yourself! 

Out of all of the tricks and sayings, this seems to be the one that works each year for my kids. I think the visual helps as well. Since it needed a face-lift, I figured I would go ahead and put it out here for y’all to snag and keep for the beginning of the year!
I also do sorts and other activities at the beginning of the year to help them with this concept! This is from one of Deedee’s literacy stations and we do it each year!

Have a great week! 
<3 Elizabeth 

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