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Go Ahead . . . Put All Your Chips on the Table

Good day to you my friends. It's Kelley Dolling from Teacher Idea Factory. I have two main goals today. Yep.  I am just gonna tell it like it is . . . no hidden agendas from me.  First, today's post is geared to help bloggers and/or teachers go ALL IN and join us at the annual Vegas Blogger Meet Up on July 8th. It's right around the corner, but there is still time to make arrangements.  

If you haven't been before, I know what you might be thinking.  Just get those doubts out of your mind.  Sure, it can seem like an overwhelming event . . . maybe even a little intimidating. However, let me assure you that this meet up is worth the little pit that might be in your stomach.  It goes away in a heartbeat and the evening is always SO magical and inspiring. 

This will be my 4th year attending the Vegas Meet Up and it gets better every single year.  I didn't know anyone my first year and just went solo.  It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.  But, it was the best decision I have made as a blogger to date.  I met oodles of my blogging heroes and connected with two gals who will forever be in my bestie clan!  We are actually rooming together this year!  Steph, Suz, and Kell back together again.  It's coming full circle in 2015 :)

The first meet up looked like this (2012) . . . we could actually sit :P
These girls . . . BBF :)
Bloggin' Buddies FO-EVA

Last year's meet up looked like this (2014) . . . standing room only!
This year we are getting some extra seating :)

Alright, so now that you all are (or already were) attending, I have one additional goal today.  My second tactical maneuver is to get you even MORE excited about the event.  This year is going to be BIGGER than ever.  The networking is going to be off the chain and the sponsors have ponied up some amazing goodies this year.  Let me showcase just a few for you . . . 

This company will blow your mind.  I met them for the first time last year at the California PK-1 Conference.  My mouth was hanging open as I stood mesmerized at their booth.  Well, they have jumped in on our Vegas Meet-Up and have offered up the most amazing product for our big giveaway - a Learning Alive Suite. Ringing in at a $1295.00 value, this prize will bring AUGMENTED REALITY into your classroom.  Yes.  You "read" me right . . . 3D learning. This company has embedded high-tech graphics, sounds, and other highly-engaging elements into stellar software programs that provide kids with different ways to experience and interact with both reading and math. 

This is so cutting edge.  Sure, the company offers up grant writing opportunities for teachers to follow to bring this into their classrooms.  However, wouldn't it be grand to just win one outright.  Aren't you so glad you are coming?

You know this company all too well.  I'll be honest . . . they make me drool a bit. Their shape cutting machines have been a staple in schools for years.  And, their products just keep getting better and better.  A monkey could operate one of their machines (love how easy they are to use) and they cut oodles of different materials (paper, felt, plastic, etc.) to make just about any curriculum-based shape your heart desires.  

Now that you are coming to the meet up, you can win one of these.  Ellison has generously offered up FIVE of their SuperStar machines.  I'm liking these Vegas odds  . . . much better than the tables :)  


Guess what? Scentos is sending a giant stockpile of their goodies to our meet-up... for YOU! {Did your teacher heart just stop . . . mine always skips a beat when I think about their smelly markers.}  The coolest part is that they are sending all of their latest products this year. This newest line of goods is geared toward little artists - Scentos FirstArt.  They have the most amazing 
new line for kiddos with smaller hands. Their easy grip markers and crayons with friendly faces and characters encourage kids to experience colors, textures, and characters in a positive way!

As a thank you for taking the time to visit us today, we are going to toss up a little Scentos contest.  Wanna win a box jam-packed with goods from these guys?  Of course you do!  Just fill out the simple Rafflecopter below!  We will chose a random winner on Sunday.    

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So . . . are you going ALL IN with us?  Will we see you at this year's Vegas Blogger Meet Up?

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