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Spring Umbrella CVC/CVCe Word Sort and Craftivity

Hello Friends!
Here in the Midwest, things are finally starting to feel (a little) like Spring (Some parts of the Midwest are expecting over 4 inches of snow today). The daffodils and tulips are starting to peek through the soil (poor things; hope they don't freeze)  and we can finally go outside without bundling ourselves up with mittens, scarves, and boots (I packed away my winter coat last week when we had 70 degree weather and had to get it out today... Boo..)! In the hope that our snow is gone, I thought I would share a rainy day umbrella craft that is fun, educational, and cute hanging in the classroom.

The first thing I have my kiddos do is a word sort with CVC and CVCe words.

When their word sort is complete, they have a recording sheet in which they write some of their sorted words into the proper column.

After they have a good feel for CVC and CVCe words, I give them a construction paper umbrella shape to be decorated. I like to have my kiddos paint their umbrellas. It does take more time to do it this way, but I LOVE the end result. I have them paint one side of their umbrella one day and then on the following day, they paint the other side. You can make this much easier by simply tracing the umbrella shape onto colored construction paper and then asking your kiddos to decorate with markers or construction paper shapes. (Construction paper is what was used in the examples below.)

Regardless of how you decide to have your students decorate their umbrellas, make sure that they decorate BOTH sides of their template because they are going to sort their words onto both sides of the umbrella.

That's it! Easy peasy! And it is really cute hanging from the ceiling in your hallway or classroom!

If you would like to do this activity with your kiddos, you can find the umbrella template and words for FREE in my TPT store! Happy Spring!

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