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Hello from the Newest Blog Hopper!

I am so thrilled to be the newest member of the Blog Hoppin' crew! For my first post here, I thought I'd just take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Denise and I've been blogging over at Sunny Days in Second Grade for the last four years or so.

This is my 21st year in the classroom and I still love it. There are definitely moments when I love it more than others, but that's totally normal. On my blog I share mostly classroom related ideas, giveaway announcements, product reviews, and my TpT work. I've been a TpT seller for about as long as I've been blogging. You can find my store here

On a personal note, I just celebrated my 16th anniversary. My husband is also a teacher so he totally "gets it".  He knows how passionate I am about my classroom and my TpT work, my blogging, my internet friends... he is super supportive and I am beyond grateful for that. We don't have any babies or furbabies for that matter, so a huge chunk of our time is spent working on and talking about school stuff. He has a background in ESE, but is currently teaching in the computer lab as well as being the school IT guy and he designed and maintains the school website and all of their social media. So he's a pretty busy guy too! 

There we are on our wedding day. Awww... that's a picture I posted recently to my Instagram account. You can follow me here.  You guys - I am ALL about Instagram. I post a mixture of classroom happenings, my personal life, and random things I find funny or interesting. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter. I have to admit, Facebook annoys me more than anything with the way it seems to limit what my followers actually see and I don't Tweet nearly as much as I Instagram. But I DO love Pinterest.  My recent obsession is to clean up my Pinterest feed and pin on a more regular basis. I pin from all over, not just my own blog and store. My boards are mainly educational, but I do have a couple for yummy stuff and fun household finds.

So, that's a bit about me! I'll be back at the end of this month with some resources that will help you as we enter spring and near the homestretch to the end of the year! Can you even believe it?


  1. Welcome, Denise! I can't wait to learn from you!
    First Grade Bangs

  2. Thank you Stephanie! So happy to be here :)