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A Bit of SNOWY Catch Up!!

Hi there!  This is Karen from Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten.

Right now we are in SNOWY catch up mode... since our SNOW day totals keep adding up (8 closings and 9 delays, plus we are already closed for Friday!).  

Now, please know I.Am.Not.Complaining!!  I have a 5 year old and a 9 month old at home... and I am enjoying EVERY minute.  But, it does put somewhat of a crunch on your lesson plans.  

So, this week (on 1 of the 2 days we were actually at school) we did an awesome science experiment that usually happens during Dental Health month--but got bumped into March.  Luckily it fit in nicely with our planned week of a certain author's birthday celebration and tons of other great books about TEETH!

We grew plaque! Trust me... if you're trying to teach your kiddos to remember to brush their teeth--this is the way to do it!  You'll have kids grossed out for days... but seriously, isn't that why science is so much FUN!?

Here's how:
Your students will be promising to always brush their teeth after this one.  It's easy to tell which cup had the sugar in it!

Here's a little sheet for recording the results. Just click on the picture to snag it!
Have FUN--whether you're catching up like we are (or planning ahead for next year)!

Pssst... I can't give any hints but you may want to hop by sometime soon...


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    1. Wow. Great idea! And I can't avoid a good science experiment!! =) Thank you!