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A little Spring Break and a Whole Lot of Writing

I love Spring Break. It is such a needed break but like you can goes by so quickly! The spring really does pick up after Spring Break with testing season upon us and it is an opportunity to take one big breath before jumping into the last bit of the year!

One of my favorite activities to do with my kiddos is write about all the fun that they have over their spring break. I created this resource for them as we learned the writing process. It was just perfect for my little ones.

Now that I am in fourth grade, my students write their personal narratives with a zoom lens on one event. Students use this one event to develop their use of figurative language, transition, organization and flow in their writing. The power of the small moment defines their writing.

We will be focusing on all of our skills as we take a trip to Camp Write Along in just a couple of weeks! I love transforming my classroom in to a forest campsite with tents, sleeping bags and even a campfire! It is so much fun and exciting way to practice and prepare before our state testing at the end of the month.

The plans are in the works...and I am so excited to share all the fun with you! You don't want to miss it so make sure to come by Curls and a Smile to see all the excitement of our big camping trip!

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