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Hi friends!  It's Julie from Mrs. Lee's Kinderkids.  If you're like me, you're crazy busy right now not only with classroom things, but Christmas things, get-together things, program things, shopping things, LIFE things!  Well, you get the point.  (hence the name of this blog post)
We've been super busy in our classroom the past couple weeks doing Christmas things, ornament things, crafty things, writing things, & center things!
Oh, and don't forget assessment things!
Here's what we've been up to:
These Santa's take forever...BUT they are so worth it!  I absolutely love the way they turn out each year.  You can find this resource here.
These pattern block ornaments make for a bright element hanging from our classroom ceiling...
I saw this on a website a few years
I give all the strips to my little friends and they must put them in order from shortest to tallest before gluing them on their paper.  I check each one first.  Such great math skill practice but in a fun way!  Last, we add snow with white paint and a q-tip

Here's some of our center games this week and you can find them in my Holly Jolly Christmas unit.
 I like integrating math and literacy into my centers as you can see below.
 They loved these interactive presents they could actually open to find the sight word to read.
 We matched numbers to number words with real gift tags!
These next 3 centers from last week can be found in my Deck the Halls unit.
 Working hard on middle sounds with this center...
Another interactive center where they build the sight word with lights! 
 This was the first center this year where they had to unscramble the sight word, but they did SO good!
 And, these 2 can be found in my December Craze packet…just print and play!  Plus, there are TONS more just like these in this packet!
That's it in a *tiny nutshell*...we've done LOTS more and still have lots to do before next Friday.  I hope to be back with more Christmas fun on my blog soon that you can check out here
In the meantime, I have a 12 days of Christmas giveaway going on right now that you definitely want to check out.   Then, there's one more coming up that you won't want to miss.  Follow my blog or follow me on Facebook for updates!

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