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Shape Fun! {With Freebies!!}

Hey y'all!  It's Amy here from Step into Second Grade!  This week I've been blogging a lot about what we are doing with shapes over at my home away from home :)

Here's a little peek at the new vocabulary words we've been working on...
 Today I decided it was time to assess my sweeties on their shape knowledge.  So, I projected these shapes on the screen and had my students write the names (and spell the best they can... it doesn't bother me if they are spelled incorrectly in 2nd Grade!)  You can grab this FREEBIE Here!
My students used this recording sheet to write their information on.  I have a couple of different versions that you can grab HERE!
Tomorrow we will finish up our 2D shape unit and move on towards all things 3D!  I must say that I love teaching shapes at this point in the year because it is fun, engaging, and a little bit of a brain break!

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  1. I am teaching shapes now too!! I agree its a much needed brain break :-) Thank you sooo much for sharing your wonderful ideas!!